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Johnson & Johnson attempting to patent anti-inflammatory drug


We are beginning to elucidate the relationship chronic inflammation has on mood disorders and neuronal disease, as for heart disease and other major diseases of the Western World.  Eating a  whole food plant based diet is the key. Simple right?

Wrong. Getting people to base their diet on health and survival rather than flavor is no easy task.

One cannot patent food.  Enter big Pharma.  Drug trials are being run by Johnson & Johnson, enrolling patients with depression at sites in Russia, Poland, Canada, and the United States. The company is testing an experimental drug called sirukumab, which blocks a key inflammatory protein called interleukin 6.

This is just the beginning of anti-inflammatory pills.


APOE ε4 predicts risk of future depression

The ApoE4 variant, apparently predominant in pre-modern hominids, is a known genetic risk factor for impaired lipid regulation leading to elevated cholesterol, triglycerides and poor modulation of inflammation and oxidative stress predisposing an individual to a range of abnormal conditions from vascular disease to Alzheimer’s disease. Now linked also to depression. More here; even more here.






Announcing upcoming release of The New Ancestral Diet

Forget Paleo.  It’s silly and not based on evolution or science.  The New Ancestral Diet sets the record straight.  Available soon.

From an analysis of the past 85 million years of primate history we have been primarily whole food plant based during the vast majority of that time. Only very recently in our history, too recently for genetic adaptation,  have we as a species resorted to eating energy dense animals first by scavenging organ and marrow and then, after control of fire, cooking allowed the occasional consumption of flesh meat.

This has led to chronic inflammation, autoimmune diseases and the major causes of mortality and morbidity in the western world. This book could change your life – live longer with a high quality of life.