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Announcing upcoming release of The New Ancestral Diet

Forget Paleo.  It’s silly and not based on evolution or science.  The New Ancestral Diet sets the record straight.  Available soon.

From an analysis of the past 85 million years of primate history we have been primarily whole food plant based during the vast majority of that time. Only very recently in our history, too recently for genetic adaptation,  have we as a species resorted to eating energy dense animals first by scavenging organ and marrow and then, after control of fire, cooking allowed the occasional consumption of flesh meat.

This has led to chronic inflammation, autoimmune diseases and the major causes of mortality and morbidity in the western world. This book could change your life – live longer with a high quality of life.



Plants as Animals

Photosynthesis taking part in the eukaryotic cell marks the most recognized departure point in the evolution of plants versus animals, although the last common ancestor (LCA) was probably much before at about 1.6 billion years ago. In the process of photosynthesis, atmospheric carbon dioxide together with water and sunlight produces oxygen, and carbohydrates. Note this is in compliment to glycolysis outlined above so the plants provide the fuel (carbohydrates) and the fire (oxygen) for animal life.

However note that this sun-supercharged eukaryotic ancestor of plants is quite independent of the precursor photosynthesis-less co-existing eukaryotes that went on a different evolutionary track to become animals. In other words, plant life proliferated and as a result, the oxygen composition of the atmosphere increased to a level that encouraged the development of aerobic organisms such as animals.

Therefore there is a very basic evolutionary reason why animals are fundamentally linked to plants as their source of nutrients.

plants as animals